Ethics Policy

At, we are committed to upholding ethical standards in every piece of content published on our website. Our commitment extends to ensuring that:

  1. Content is free from vulgarity, obscenity, or infringement of others’ rights.
  2. It does not endorse or promote hatred or violence in any form.
  3. Content is not discriminatory based on caste, creed, religion, race, ethnicity, or gender.
  4. It does not disrespect individuals or organizations or adopt a slanderous nature.
  5. Sensitivity is maintained to the topic under discussion in each story.

Furthermore, we maintain transparency by clearly distinguishing between paid articles and advertisements. Any content serving as an advertisement prominently features the company’s name and is explicitly labeled as an ‘advertisement,’ ‘ad,’ or ‘sponsored.’

In addition, our writers are committed to delivering original content, and we have a stringent policy against plagiarism. We adhere rigorously to the rule of law and the country’s copyright infringement policy to ensure the integrity of our work.

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